MaqboolImpex is producing a wide range of products. We are manufacturing soccer balls which are according to FIFA approved standards. MI Products are explained below. MI can produce more products upon customer request.

Match/Training Balls:
Designed for use in soccer matches and training. These balls are the most expensive type of balls since they are made with the best materials and offer the softest touch and truest flight path which are made unique to the brand or club.

Street Balls:
Tougher and more durable, street balls are also designed for extended use and withstand the toughest of surfaces like asphalt or concrete.

Futsal Balls:
The main difference between a futsal ball and a typical soccer ball is that the bladder is filled with foam, which makes the ball heavier and less bouncy for use on a hard playing surface.

Mini Balls:
Mini balls are used for skill development and for fun.