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Material Specifications


  1. Cover (Panels) Material:

    100% PU top layer,thickness 0.90 mm with woven knitted backing,and backing is equipped with layers of pure natural latex.

  2. Backer Construction:

    3.5mm EVA foam laminated with 100gmSQM PV fabric.Bonding adhesive is natural latex.

  3. Inflatable:

    Carcass is fitted with SR/HA bladder bearing high quality nozzle.The bladder is reinforced with PV fabric patches bonded with natural latex and molded after curing to attain a real sphere/controlled size and sphericity for proper ball shaping.

  4. Panel Bonding Adhesive:

    The ball panels are bonded with solvent based thermo curing PU material.

  5. Resistance against Environment:

    Compatible against all weather conditions and durable for long life.

  6. Aerodynamic Behavior:

    Good trajectory movement. Aerodynamically straight and directed movement.Soft in touch and swift in flight.